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The urbanisation El Romeral in Alhaurin de la Torre will be redeveloped

Ayuntamiento de Alhaurin de la Torre
Wed, 2011-07-20

The project represents an investment of 312,715 Euros and includes the remodelling of four streets and the creation of a new parking area as well as a mirador for the stream Grajea.

The Department of Works and Infrastructure of the City of Alhaurín de la Torre is about to complete the project for redevelopment of the most central part of El Romeral, one of the most historic districts of the town. This is an action that involves an investment of 312,715 Euros and is part of the improvement plans and remodelling of the suburbs, which includes the renewal of the services and the oldest streets in some key neighbourhoods of Alhaurín de la Torre.

The councillor of the area , Salvador Herrerahas overseen the execution of works, which have affected a total of four streets in the most central part of El Romeral, which corresponds to the environment of the school and church. The works are almost finished and all that needs to be completed is the creation of the new plaza area. Specifically,the calles Alondra, Mirlo, Tucán and Cigüeña, have undergone comprehensive reform, including the renewal of all underground infrastructure: sanitation, storm water drains, water supply, lighting, telephone and electricity. A new pavement has been created for the pedestrian areas.

Salvador Herrera thanked the residents for their patience and cooperation some of which have as the calles had to be worked on as they were not wide enough. The project co-financed by the Consistorio and the Diputación de Málagathrough the program of the provincial plans, has completed the construction of a new plaza in calle Cigüeña, which occupies the site of an antiguo solar which wasused for parking cars and now has become a civic space with new streetlights, street furniture and a veranda overlooking the stream Grajea. In the centre of the plaza new areas have been created for parking.

The councillor for Works and Infrastructure announced that as soon as possible a new phase will be undertaken to complete the redevelopment of all of El Romeral, in line with the previously announced intention of the government team to continue to commit to plans to improvement the barriadas. This is the last act is one of many projects that have been implemented in El Romeralin recent years, noting especially the improvement of access, the arrangement of the school, the construction of a new social centre and most recently the arrangement of the calles and caminos Cuesta de Zamorilla and the zona del Cerro Mazaute. The works also continues apace installing the new drainage system, which involves an investment of 470,000 Euros to connect this core infrastructure to the general sewage collector.

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